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Digital dental X-rays provide the only means for dentists like Natalia Safonova, DDS, to observe the condition of the insides of your teeth and the spaces between them. At Tala Dental Care P.C. serving Midwood and Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Safonova offers thorough dental care, including in-office digital X-rays, on an as-needed basis to protect your dental health. If you haven’t had digital X-rays in more than two years or you're due for a dental checkup, book an appointment online or call today.

Digital X-Ray Q & A

Should I get digital dental X-rays?

Preventive dental care is nearly impossible without dental X-rays. During your Tala Dental Care P.C. appointment, in-office digital X-rays assist Dr. Safonova in looking at your teeth thoroughly, inside and out, because only a partial section of your teeth is visible to the naked eye.

A digital X-ray can be helpful for Dr. Safonova to monitor the insides of your teeth to see if they show signs of disease lurking under a filling. If there's any decay between your teeth, Dr. Safonova can see it, too. The best way to diagnose bone loss due to gum disease is with a digital X-ray.

With dental X-rays, Dr. Safonova can diagnose dental conditions and plan the placement of dental implants, orthodontic treatments, and other dental procedures.


How often should my teeth be digitally X-rayed?

You should generally have regular digital dental X-rays every two to three years if you have good dental health. If you have periodontal disease or other dental issues, Dr. Safonova may recommend more frequent X-rays to monitor the health and integrity of your tooth roots and jaw bone.

Children should get digital X-rays more often due to their ever-changing development. Digital X-rays show if your child’s teeth are coming in the right way and if an orthodontic procedure is necessary. Digital X-rays also monitor the progress of wisdom teeth to determine when they should be extracted.


Are you sure digital X-rays are safe?

Digital X-ray exams are safe for men, women, and children. Digital X-rays use a small amount of radiation to produce the images of your teeth and bones, but this level of radiation is negligible, posing almost no risk, and is less than that produced by traditional X-rays.

Dentists and their staff typically take 10 to 15 digital X-rays per day, and even though they step out of the room the instant the image is made, they’re still exposed to radiation. Even with this increased exposure, dental professionals don’t get cancer at a higher rate than any other profession.

If you’re pregnant, you can still have digital X-rays. Dr. Safonova covers you with a special apron and thyroid collar as a precaution.

Book an appointment online or call today if it’s time for a dental checkup or you haven’t had digital dental X-rays in more than two years.